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Transporting Your Puppy

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Bringing your puppy home.


We welcome new families to come to our location to pick up their new little one. However, we understand that distance and other circumstances may make personal pickup unavailable. We have several options to choose from when personal pickup is not an option.


Personal Delivery


Due to new airline requirements for snub-nosed breeds, we are not able to let our puppies fly by themselves to their new homes. Therefore, we are now offering to personally fly with your puppy to your nearest airport, which is a safe, reliable, and easy method of travel.


Meet Up


We offer to drive an hour toward you to meet you at no charge, and can come further if desired for an additional fee.


Ground Transportation


If you live too far away to meet up, we may be able to have your puppy driven to your home. As always, your puppy's comfort and well-being is our number one concern, so if distance and weather permits, we will work with a trusted partner to get your puppy home.