About Us​​​​​​​

The Brenneman Family

Welcome to Elite Quality Bulldogs! Christine and I (Alvin) have been happily married since 2000 - that makes 20 years! The Lord has blessed us with eight beautiful children: Grace, Adam, Charity, Joy, Clara, Rebekah, Ella and Conrad.

Soon after our marriage, we found ourselves making a mess out of our lives. In desperation, we began searching for a purpose in this life which soon led us to giving our lives to Jesus Christ. We can testify nothing has ever been the same since that day. The Lord has richly blessed our lives, and we are forever indebted to God for giving us eternal Hope.

We live in the open country where our puppies and parents have fresh air, sunshine, and playtime in the grass. We believe a great start in life is a happy start; each of our puppies and parents have daily interaction and socialization. Dressing up in doll clothes, playing tag, being rocked to sleep by our little girls, and getting belly rubs are just a few of the many ways our puppies are raised with love.   


As a child, my family did some breeding with pugs, and since then I have enjoyed being with snub nosed dogs. Now as my children are growing up, they have also taken a liking to these wonderful dogs. My little girls say nothing is more thrilling than caring for newborn puppies!


We were introduced to bulldogs and took a keen interest in them. Our experience is that a well-bred bulldog is one of the sweetest tempered and loveable breeds that exist. We are constantly trying to do what we can to improve the breed in health, temperament, and breed standard.


Our desire is to raise a puppy that you can adopt into your family and enjoy all the traits of the bulldog without having to deal with health problems. However, because our puppies are not produced with computer-controlled machines, there is always room for some non-visual genetic errors. Because of this, we offer a guarantee (see contract) so if in the unlikely event you ended up with a bulldog pup from us that would later have genetic health problems, we would like to take care of it. We are not the type of breeder that will sell you a puppy and then not want to hear from you. We like to stay in touch and offer any help we can as you get started with your new pet and also, years down the road. We want to offer the type of support that will make you not think twice about getting your second bulldog from us and will be able to confidently refer us to others.

Visitors are always welcome! Come meet us, visit our puppies, meet the parents, and see where our puppies are raised. We look forward to hearing from you and would be honored to place one of our puppies into your approved home. Please reach out to us at any time with questions or comments.

Thank you for visiting our online home!