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We at Elite Quality Bulldogs are a family of nine. My wife Christine and I, Alvin, got married in the year 2000. About six months later we found ourselves making a real mess out of our lives, causing us to search for a purpose in this life which soon led us to giving our life to Jesus Christ; and things have never been the same since that day. God has blessed us with seven children: Grace, Adam, Charity, Joy, Clara, Rebekah, and Ella.


As a child, my family did some breeding with pugs, and I was always attracted to the looks of the short nosed dogs. Now as my children are growing up, they also took a liking to dogs and having newborn puppies around to care for.


We were introduced to bulldogs and took a real interest in them. Our opinion is that a well-bred bulldog is one of the most docile, sweet tempered and loveable breeds that exist. We are constantly trying to do what we can to improve the breed in health, temperament, and breed standard. Our desire is to raise a puppy that you can adopt into your family and enjoy all the traits of the bulldog without having to deal with health problems. However, due to the fact that our puppies are not produced with computer controlled machines, there is always room for some non-visual genetic errors. Because of this, we offer a guarantee (see contract) so if in the unlikely event you ended up with a bulldog pup from us that would later have genetic health problems, we would like to take care of it. We are not the type of breeder that will sell you a puppy and then not want to hear from you. We like to stay in touch and offer any help we can as you get started with your new pet and also, years down the road. We want to offer the type of support that will make you not think twice about getting your second bulldog from us and will be able to confidently refer us to others. We look forward to hearing from you and would be honored to place one of our puppies into your approved home.

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