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We have had very good success using the Pet transfer services that most major commercial passenger airlines, such as Delta Airlines or United Airlines offers. This has proven to be a safe and reliable method to ship our puppies. They travel in airline approved carrying crates in a climate controlled area of the plane and are always well cared for. Usually, when I take my puppies to the airport, the people behind the ticket counter get all excited about the puppies and are wanting to know their names. They have procedures in place to make sure the puppies get food and water at regular intervals during the trip.

Shipping to your nearest airport is usually around $400.00; this includes a shipping safe crate, state health certificate and the flight ticket.

We do not recommend using ground shippers due to my location and most of their routes. They often will have your puppy for a day or two.

We also offer a delivery service to your door or meeting you half way, providing you are not to far away. We price this service per circumstance, but is always very affordable.