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Name: Wyatt (New name is Albert!)


Date of Birth: September 25, 2017


Ready to Go Home: November 20, 2017


Expected Weight: 50 - 60 pounds


Color: Red, White Markings


Registry: AKC


Parents: Brutus + Molly


"My parents have Certified Health Clearances!"


Adoption Fee: $3,000


Status: ADOPTED 

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  Details                      Description 

Look into that face and tell me you've seen a puppy cuter! Wyatt has the most adorable face that you will not be able to forget! His favorite pastimes are sleeping, eating, snuggling, and relaxing on our laps. Wyatt is the puppy of your dreams. Happy, friendly, healthy, and playful, he will make your family complete.

Albert (Sam and Allison's handsome new buddy! Congratulations!) 

Wyatt (Sam and Allison's handsome new buddy! Congratulations!)